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A Amazing Experiences has for you a unique experience aboard a sailboat, a perfect combination of SEA and LAND that will allow you to combine the beauty of the ocean with the discovery of the local heritage.

You can enjoy experiences from 3 to 7 days in an unforgettable combination that combines the uniqueness of the experience on board a sailboat with the historical and cultural charm of the North of Portugal and Galicia. A journey from the North of Portugal to the greatest treasure of Ria de Vigo, the Cíes Islands, passing through Santiago de Compostela and the enchanted valley of Douro.

Let yourself be carried away by the current of the winds and tides in a perfect experience. And because it is in the detail that the difference lies, we seek to provide our customers with a complete experience, thought out to the smallest detail, resulting in a true redefining of the senses. Set sail with Amazing Experiences on this adventure and live the exclusivity of the entire experience.

On board our sailboat, we have the possibility of having a sailing instructor, so that your holidays are also a time of learning. If you wish, we also have a private driver/tour guide available, so that your experience is as complete as possible. We want to know you in detail, in order to provide an excellent and completely personalized experience, from your musical tastes, to your favorite movies and games.

We have a totally personalized service, with the possibility of preparing the rest of the menu according to your taste and specifications, so that your experience is complete. To make your night as wonderful as your day, we also have our suites available on board the sailboat or, if you wish, a local hotel chosen by you.
Your dream experience is just an interview away!

Between Sea and Land

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